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NECOM research combines the theoretical background of negotiation engineering, different technical and applied negotiation schools of thought, mediation and conflict management, with the practical appreciation of negotiation. Journals of our interest include Negotiation Journal, Negotiation and Conflict Management Research, International Negotiations: A Journal of Theory and Practice.

The NECOM Chair is open to requests and ideas for collaborations with scholars and practitioners, individuals and organisations, as well as applications for Bachelor and Master thesis via the Contact page.

Research Papers


Research Paper 15-01: Negotiation Engineering: A Structured Problem-solving Approach to Negotiation (Tobias Langenegger & Michael Ambühl)

Research Paper 15-02: Engineering Climate Change Negotiations (Andreas Knobel)

Research Paper 15-03: Undesired Effects of the European Commission's Refugee Distribution Key. Published Version in 'European Union Politics': Link (Philip Grech)

Research Paper 16-01: Divide the Dollar and Conquer More: Sequential Bargaining and Risk Aversion (Philip Grech & Oriol Tejada)

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