Suggested Thesis Topics for Master or Bachelor Students

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Here is a non-exhaustive list of suggested thesis topics for prospective bachelor and master students. Please address any enquiries to .


Project Brief explanation
Concept of fairness Assess the construct of fairness through the definition of “objective criteria”.
Building packages and splitting solutions “Categorization” as a solution (e.g. in the Land Transport Agreement there are 3 categories of trucks; in CH-US tax deal – 4 categories of banks etc)
Negotiation as a multi-layer task How to structure/plan complex negotiations?  
Different areas – Different BATNAs In search of a BATNA: find an approach/method/algorithm.  
Negotiator Does a negotiator's behavior change if he acts on behalf of somebody else? 
Network of strategic partnerships What are the functions of a network of strategic partnerships?

Case Studies

Project Brief explanation
Negotiations and Wars: WWI/WWII Study of negotiations before, during and after wars.
Climate change negotiations What might a fair solution look like?
Environmental negotiations Example of Montreal Protocol (Protection of the Ozone Layer): How was it crafted? Why was agreement possible? Lessons for Climate Change negotiations?
Negotiations in technical (e.g. industry) domains Do engineers negotiate differently when it relates to their profession?
Free trade negotiation What are the determinants of power in the free trade negotiation?
Analysis of a current negotiation Given publicly available information (e.g. NZZ, FT, press releases)  analyze a current negotiation process.
Burden-Sharing in Refugee Crisis Analyse different burden-sharing principles. See what sensible solutions the bankruptcy problem can deliver.
Zurich Airport Negotiation Analyse noise disturbance problems from a negotiation engineering approach. Potential collaboration with Zurich Airport.
Future role of the UN Security Council We observe a tendency in international conflicts that big nations (China, Russia, etc.) are more directely involved. Does this development influence the ability of the UNSC to act (for example to sanction).
Indirect sanction Does the US, through its dollar monopoly, have a special instrument to impose its sanctions globally?
Sanctions coalition, sanction evasion Is there a  “Sanction freeriding problem”?
Sanctions cost/benefit Utility function of sanctions
Game-theoretic analysis of the Syrian Civil War Account for current players in the conflict. Argue for utility attribution. Scenario thinking.
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