Simulation of Negotiations: Ukraine-Russia-European Union Relations (FS 2017)

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Number Unit Lecturer
363-1050-00L Simulation of Negotiations: Ukraine-Russia-European Union Relations  M. Ambühl,
V. Butenko,
S. C. Zürcher
363-1050-01L Simulation of Negotiations: Ukraine-Russia-European Union Relations (Exercises)  M. Ambühl

The Global Studies Institute (University of Geneva) is organizing a simulation seminar on Ukraine-Russia-European Union relations in collaboration with SciencesPo Paris and the Chair of Negotiation and Conflict Management (ETH) where students will have the possibility to participate in simulated diplomatic negotiations and to analyse and assess the negotiation logic behind the situation. 

Students from ETH Zurich and Sciences Po will participate in the seminar lecture sessions via video conferencing and they will go to Geneva for the session scheduled on 31 March and for the simulation exercise on 18 and 19 May 2017. 

In the lectures, students will be provided with basic information on the relations between Ukraine, Russia and the European Union. The historical, political and socio-economic dimensions of these relations, including the various treaties and existing agreements and their evolution will be analyzed. Students will as well participate in an introduction on negotiation techniques, particularly on the negotiation engineering approach. On the basis of the comprehensive analysis, negotiation scenarii will be developed and subsequently tested during a two-day simulation exercise. The simulation exercise will be prepared with the help of experienced negotiators and experts. 

The simulation exercise is intended for Masters degree and PhD students. The course will be taught in English. The project is headed by Prof. Micheline Calmy-Rey, Global Studies Institute, University of Geneva.

More information can be found at the following moodle page here.

A video of the negotiation simulation of 2015 on nuclear disarmament is available here

Students who wish to register for this course, have to apply no later than February 20, 2017. Please send your application to Sibylle Zürcher: , additionally register in mystudies.

Date/Time/Place Program
21 February; 10:15-12:00; HG D22
VC (=Video Conference)
1. Indroductory session 
Presentation of roles and possible topics for the simulation (Prof. Micheline Calmy-Rey; GSI University of Geneva)
28 February; 10:15-12:00; HG D22
2. The Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area
Guest speaker: Prof. Peter Van Elsuwege (Ghent University)
7 March; 10:15-12:00; HG D22
3. Implementation of the Minsk Protocol: security dimension 
Guest speaker: H.E. Mr. Ertugrul Apakan, Chief Monitor of OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine
14 March; 10:15-12:00; HG D22
4. Implementation of the Minsk Protocol: humanitarian aspects
Guest speaker: Amb. Toni Frisch, OSCE Coordinator
21 March; 10:15-12:00; HG D22
5. Implementation of the Minsk Protocol: political dimension, position of the separatist group
Guest speaker: Marina Cherenkova, former Deputy Governor of the Donetsk Region of Ukraine
31 March; 10:30-17:30; Geneva 6. Introduction to negotiation techniques and discussion on the modalities of the simulation and the set-up of the negotiation tables 
Prof. Micheline Calmy-Rey; Prof. Michael Ambühl (ETH Zürich)
4 April; 10:15-12:00; HG D22
7. Implementation of the Minsk Protocol: political dimension, position of the European Union
Guest speaker: H.E. Mr. Peter Sorensen, Permanent Representative of the EU to the UN in Geneva
11 April; 10:15-12:00; HG D22
8. Preparation of the negotiation tables
Chairs of the negotiation tables: Former Ambassador Pierre Helg, former Ambassador Lorenzo Amberg, former Ambassador Benoît d'Aboville
18 May; 10:00-19:30 and 19 May; 8:30-19:00; Geneva 10. Simulation of negotiations (GE)
23 May 2017; 10:15-12:00; HG D22
11. Debriefing

Additionally to the seminar (3 ECTS), exercises can be visited (1 ECTS).

The aims of the exercises are to process and discuss the research that students from Geneva conducted earlier on individual topics on the subject and to work on the mandates for the simulation under supervision of the lecturers.

Date Time Place
7. March 13:15-17:00 WEV E27

Slides (7 march): PDF (PDF, 4.1 MB)

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