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Hannes Leo Mair, Dominik Werne (Master):
Rentabilität und Strukturierung der Konfliktprävention im öffentlichen und privaten Sektor

The aim of this thesis is to transfer theoretical findings in the field of conflict management and in particular of conflict prevention in a simple way to practitioners.

Based on the current state of research a first approach with the core elements benefit, cost and structure is modelled. This model is enhanced by the results of twelve interviews with executives from the public and private sectors. The developed model should motivate the management by showing them the profitability of conflict prevention, therefore preventive measures are implemented. The combined input data from science, employers and employees shows the potential savings due to conflict prevention, relates this to the level of action based on personal, leadership or organisation purpose and recommends individually applicable preventive measures finally.

The matrix model, which refers to scientific studies, shows by the sample calculation of the average Swiss company, that the return on investment is eight to one, which attributes conflict prevention a high degree of possible savings.


Andreas Knobel (Master)
Engineering Climate Change Negotiations

Science has recently handed us an “inconveniently simple” concept to think about climate change: to keep global temperatures from rising to dangerous levels, we may only burn a very limited amount of fossil fuels in the next hundred years. This carbon budget has to be shared fairly among nations.

Applying the novel approach of negotiation engineering, we propose a simple mathematical model for the climate change negotiations: to agree on a cutting of the carbon cake, parties select fairness principles and decide to which degree they should be applied. We call this “negotiation on principles”.

We investigate some properties of the model and as an application assess the fairness of past and present allocations of the budget.


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